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100% Soft Nylon - Cut Pile Twist

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Godfrey Hirst Divine is a collection of soft, family friendly carpets. The extra softness is thanks to a special construction with more individual filaments in every carpet fibre. Divine carpets are also durable, with stain, soil, wear and fade resistance. Create a comfortable and stylish home for your family with a Godfrey Hirst Divine carpet, exclusive to Wyllie Tiles.


A synthetic fibre.

  • Nylon carpets provide long term resilience, durability and stain resistance.
  • As nylon fibres readily accept dye they have a large colour palette.
  • Is a versatile fibre type that can be made in many carpet styles.

Nylon (Polyamide) is man-made formed during the extrusion process. Nylon is available undyed or as a SDN (Solution Dyed Nylon) option providing an extensive range of colours with improved stain resistance and colour fade properties

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